The EV s are Coming


Bloomberg News predicts that 55% of light duty vehicle sales will be electric by 2040.

This is a revolution in two massive sectors of the World economy, Automotive Transportation and the Energy to power it. 

Integration with the Grid is Coming


Electric Vehicle Charging can be a curse if everyone plugs in at 5 PM and overloads the grid.

V2G Energy provides managed charging solutions which use electric energy when it is most available and lowest in cost.

Ancillary Service Revenue is Coming


EV batteries for electric energy storage are a massive untapped grid resource.

V2G Energy has the technology to realize the value of this resource for employers, landlords and EV drivers.

EVs are coming to Multifamily


Residents of apartment buildings, condominiums and town house developments will now enjoy all the benefits of the EV revolution by charging at home. No more searching for slow and expensive public chargers.

The New Workplace Parking Paradigm


Employers can offer fueling as well as parking.

The new paradigm replaces  petroleum with electric energy supplied along with parking as an amenity to employees, and a new source of revenue for the employers

Benefits Urban Residents and Employees who cannot now charge at Home


Bringing the benefits of EV driving to the growing Urban environment


Workplace Charging Solutions


Single Family Residential Charging Solutions


Multifamily Residential Charging Solutions


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You Have a One Time Opportunity to Electrify at Minimum Cost!

The VW Environmental Resolution Trust can reimburse most of the cost of equipping your parking to accommodate electric vehicles.  By providing recharging services you can create an amenity for tenants and employees, and earn additional revenue for yourself, but time (and money) is limited. Please call or e-mail us for help today!

60-100 % Off!

The accompanying schedule shows the reimbursement amounts available for various types of projects. Government-owned projects with public access which are networked for energy management qualify for 100 % cost reimbursement. Privately-owned projects with no public access and no networking are limited to 60% reimbursement. Privately-owned with public access and with networking, 80%.

Voucher Application

To qualify, property owners need to submit an application for a voucher describing the project in detail. You will need quotes on major equipment and installation details. Project design, equipment, installation and related electrical upgrades are reimbursable. Also signage, maintenance and networking. Reimbursement is  limited to $4,000-5,000 per individual charging plug. Two plugs minimum per project.

We will help prepare your application for free!

V2G Energy, LLC, will work with you to define your project and provide sufficient detail for a successful voucher application. We will waive our usual $2,000 fee for this work. If you win, we win. If you loose, it costs you nothing!

Support Installation

For successful voucher applicants V2G Energy will supervise procurement, installation and start up to optimize operability of your project and support prompt reimbursement.

Manage and Maintain

Once the project is up and running, V2G Energy can manage and maintain the system. Our services include energy management and reimbursement, reporting, billing, trouble-shooting, repair and project expansion and upgrading.

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Workplace Charging Solutions


Electric Service Equipments (Charging Points) at the workplace

Juice Station


Dual Juice Station in service at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Open Pay JuiceBox


Dual Open Pay Juice Boxes.

The EMW Enterprise Solution


A complete EV charging management support system with driver information app and advanced management control and billing functions.

The Open Pay Solution


An updated EVSE assembly for public and employee charging

For the Employee/Driver


Solutions that provide information on available chargers, and on your own charging session and history.

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Multifamily Residential Charging Solutions


Showing installation of a JuiceBox Pro 40 at a LEEEDs Platinum apartment building in Philadelphia

Installation Services


Licensed electricians  installing one of  twelve JuiceBoxes at this location under subcontract to V2G.

Data Display


The status of each JuiceBox can be displayed for monitoring.



The charging history of each JuiceBox can be displayed daily, weekly, monthly for monitoring and billing.

Demand Charge Management


Managed charging by V2G Energy can shift peak demand from high demand hours to low demand hours to minimize utility billing costs.

Storage to serve the Future Grid


V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) electric energy storage based on the massive capacity of EV batteries can help solve the problems resulting from high renewable capacity, and make money for the participants. 

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Single Family Residential Solutions


Showing a juiceBox Pro 40 EVSE that brings level 2 charging to the residential market.

The Dashboard


You get access to your charging data and history

Level 2 Power


High power charging at 240 V gives you up to 40 miles of range per hour plugged in and flexibility to benefit from  other services.

Uncontrolled Charging


Uncontrolled charging leads to concentrated load in the early evening when grid capacity is low and prices are high.

Managed Charging


By moving the charging load to off peak early morning hours V2G Energy can create value for the retail electric supply company and for the end user.

Frequency Regulation


By modulating your chariging rate V2G Energy can provide ancillary services to the grid and generate value for the end user.